Wendell Fernandes Mentoring

Investing In Knowledge

Welcome to WF Mentoring corner. WF Mentoring is made up of a series of specific workshops and sessions taught by Wendell Fernandes. With extensive years in business, marketing and professional storytelling photography experience, we have created specific programs to help you develop a complete range of photographic learning opportunities, from the beginning photographer to the seasoned pro.

Wendell can easily and effectively help photographers of any skill level improve not only their images but how to take this hobby or professional career into a profitable business model. Wendell is also able to work one-on-one with photographers to get the root of what might be holding them back and he challenges each student to think much deeper and face potential issues head-on in order to improve. We hope you can find all the ways that we can assist you and give you the needed guidance to grow into a better and stronger professional.

Personal Critiques

Every photographer benefits from feedback on their work. It’s a great way to grow and improve! When you sign up for a personal critique, you’ll get Wendell’s helpful and candid input on your photographs. During your session, Wendell will spend one hour with you online critiquing a full wedding, blog post, or collection of photos. You’ll walk away with new insights on your strengths and weaknesses, and be ready to take on new challenges!


1 Hour Online Critique Session

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Back to The Basics

If you are looking for a basic overview on photography, ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, Lens Choice, Composition and much more, this mentorship program is for you. Wendell will go over the basics and give you all the foundational steps to boost your knowledge and help you grow professionally. This is a great course to get you in the right direction!


1 Hour Online Back to Basics Session

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Online Mentoring With Wendell Fernandes

Do you prefer to learn from the comfort of your own home? An online mentoring might just be the perfect fit for you! As photographers, we all need to have our work critiqued. It’s a wonderful way to improve your vision. Wendell will personalize your session, and discuss the unique challenges you’re facing. Whether it’s reviewing your latest wedding, doing a portfolio review, or asking for technical guidance in business or marketing, gear used and business suggestions, Wendell will become your personal mentor.


2 Hours Online Mentoring Session

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Branding, Business & Marketing

Wendell is an expert when it comes to branding a business and transforming it into a profitable career. In this course, we will go into detail about adding value to your work, meeting with clients, products offered, marketing strategies, the importance of social media and blogging and all aspects related to building your brand and making it stand out from your competition. A great thing to consider is that it can be added to any field of photography or industry!


2 Hours Online Mentoring Session

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Shoot With Wendell Fernandes

Do you need a second shooter who is there to coach you before, during, and after your next shoot? Shooting with Wendell Fernandes might be a great fit for you. Wendell will come to you and shoot alongside you, your location your site. This investment includes mentor session before and after event. He’ll arrive a day before the shoot to help you create a pre-shoot game plan. Then, he’ll shoot alongside you and help you improve. The next day you’ll critique images together. Then, Wendell will work with you to select images for a blog post and client presentation. Travel included. (Schedule permitting; within the continental US)


On-Site One-on-One Mentoring Session

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About Wendell Fernandes

Wendell Fernandes is an award-winning wedding and portrait storyteller and nominated one of the top photographers in Massachusetts. His unique photojournalistic and cinematic photography style has captured the heart of many. As he continues to raise the bar in depicting his clients’ real personalities through his outstanding and enthusiastic interaction and communication with them, he lives to transform reality into memories that will last a lifetime. He is your best photographer choice to capture the most important days of your life.