Frequent Questions

What’s Your Approach to Photography?

Primarily, I want to document all the live, raw and true emotion and unique moments in an honest, non-intrusive way. There are some of those times where I will step in and walk or talk you through some of the elements and details about each shoot. It is this mix of editorial and traditional style that allows me to creatively stretch out while also creating timeless images that will last a lifetime.

How Much Coverage Do I Need For My Wedding Day?

It all depends on your wedding day. I’ve carried over the work-habits I use in my commercial and editorial work and put myself at your disposal for a full, 8 hour day. If you need extra time, I’ll be happy to accommodate your needs. Contact us for details.

How Many Photographers Do I Need?

In most cases, a second shooter is needed. Your wedding is a live-event, and having two sets of eyes watching for the key moments is usually necessary to achieving a better and more complete full coverage of your day. If you are planning a small wedding, I should be able to cover your story sufficiently on my own. In any event, I’d love to hear more about your day.

What Area Do You Cover?

While I live in Massachusetts, I love to travel and shoot in new places. I’m also happy to travel for portrait and engagement sessions – so let me know if you have a special location in mind! Travel fees are estimated on a case by case basis. Learn more about this on my Investment page.

What About My Images Selection of Post Processing

After your wedding or photo session, our turnaround time is 2-4 weeks for most weddings. All images from the wedding undergo basic editing for tone, contrast, color grading and removal of obvious blemishes to arrive at a proof quality image. Since the magic we make is mostly with our cameras, our proofs are incredible photographs on their own, and ready to print. The editing process only refines the vision we had on your wedding day.

The proofs are then uploaded to and presented on our online proofing site for easy sharing and print-ordering. If you have already ordered an album or have an album credit, we encourage you to start marking your favorites from the first time you visit the gallery. Once we have your list of favorites we will add your book into our workload and commence designing the first draft as soon as possible. All of the images that appear in your album will receive a 2nd round of editing to ensure consistency throughout the design as well as another round of retouching where necessary.

What Kind of Albums Do You Offer?

We offer great design and this is something we are proud to have. We also provide modern flush-mount albums, with custom covers, sizes, colors and styles to accommodate your vision. The books are expertly designed in my studio and we work closely with some partners to give you the best product. We also work directly with you to create a signature book that captures the story of your wedding day.

We’d Love to Have the Digital Files. Do You Provide It?

Yes. Our digital files are available for purchase separately, or we’ll happily provide them to you as a gift with an minimum album/print order. Depending on the package chosen, this digital file comes with it as part of a complete set.

What About Social Media?

We upload our favorite images from your wedding photography day to our Facebook page, and, if we have established a personal friend connection, I will tag you on the gallery. You may find the images and tag yourself. If you do not wish to be tagged, please tell me in advance. If you are interested in submitting your wedding photos to a blog, adding them to a Pinterest board, or for any other use online, please call us to find out our policies and procedures. Many online uses require specific sizing or special preparation to be presented in the best way possible.

Do You Meet Us Before The Wedding?

Yes! Absolutely. We always want our clients to be comfortable with us, and we want to be comfortable with you. Often, we are your only vendor who is with you throughout your entire wedding day, and in our opinion, that means we should know you pretty well by the time your wedding day comes. However, we’re realistic and realize these that isn’t always possible. So, for traveling clients (or when we have to travel to you for your wedding) we are happy to meet via conference call or video chat.