Boston Wedding Photographer

It’s more than releasing your shutter to capture images – It’s about feeling the moment and telling stories with realism and personality.

Capturing Real Moments

My name is Wendell Fernandes, I’m a professional photojournalistic Boston Wedding Photographer. I’m married to my precious and best friend Paula and father of a very special boy Joshua and a little princess Isabel. Available not only in my local town but also in any destination around the globe, I specialize in capturing your most memorable moments in life. I believe that a great photograph should evoke emotion, tell a story and bring unforgettable memories to life. With this in mind, I’m always offering complete packages and affordable prices. My mission is to turn these moments and turn them into memories that will last a lifetime.

Wendell-Fernandes Arts and innovation have always been a part of me and since my early years, I knew that creativity would follow me wherever life took me. Photography has been one of my many passions as I am constantly astounded by God’s creation, nature, colors, textures and most of all, people and all their different characters and unique personalities. It’s an honor and great privilege to be able to capture all these true and memorable moments through a different approach and impacting wedding and portrait photography – tell a story that will forever be cherished.


I have been losing myself in the creative space for over 15 years now, and have an uncontrollable passion for the craft. If you have questions, take a look at my frequently asked questions page or just shoot me an email.